Sterling silver jewellery

  • Image of Rose branch Wrap Ring Image of Rose branch Wrap Ring

    Rose branch Wrap Ring


  • Image of Labradorite choker

    Labradorite choker


  • Image of Bunny Ears Ring

    Bunny Ears Ring


  • Image of Chyna Abalone Ring

    Chyna Abalone Ring


  • Image of Amethyst choker

    Amethyst choker


  • Image of Queen Bee Ring

    Queen Bee Ring


  • Image of Silver heart / leaf necklace

    Silver heart / leaf necklace


  • Image of Compass Ring

    Compass Ring

    Sold Out

  • Image of Sterling silver nose ring

    Sterling silver nose ring


  • Image of Sterling Silver Arrow Earrings

    Sterling Silver Arrow Earrings


  • Image of Abalone shell fringed ring

    Abalone shell fringed ring


  • Image of Sterling silver Draygon Ring

    Sterling silver Draygon Ring